Workout Wednesday

This week’s workout Wednesday post is another one that you could easily adapt to an at home workout. Substitute the medicine ball for laundry detergent and using wine bottles instead of dumbbells easily takes this gym workout to your living room. Let us know in the comments if you tried this workout (at the gym or at home) and if you enjoyed it! Happy exercising!

Cardio Warm-up
Set One: 10 kick across with a side lunge, 10 (on each side) sumo squats with heel lifts, 15 crabs thrusts (repeat 3 times)
Set Two: 10 lunges with medicine ball twist, 15 skull crushers, 10 standing bird dogs (repeat 3 times)
Set Three: 20 squat to oblique side crunch, 15 diagonal tricep pull down, 15 reverse tricep pull down (repeat 3 times)
Stretch to cool down

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