Little Passports

If you haven’t heard of Little Passports, you are missing out! Little Passports is a monthly subscription that will take your child on an adventure like none other. Hunter and Grayson were gifted a subscription to Little Passports at the peak of our quarantine and it has been a life saver. Through Little Passports you select which subscription is most appropriate for your child based off of their age (there are 5 different ones offered) and then have the ability to select a year subscription, a 6 month subscription, or a month by month subscription.

Monthly activity booklets and the suitcase to store all supplies in. The suitcases have been used for playtime daily in our house, they have sparked so much creativity and imagination with the boys!

Hunter and Grayson received the “Early Explorers” subscription which is appropriate for children ages 3-5 and it was definitely appropriate content for their ages. This subscription takes children around the world to learn about the different continents, oceans, space, food, and more. Each month children receive a package with all the contents they will need for the activities in that theme for the month. The first month your little explorers will receive a suitcase (to hold all Little Passport activities & supplies) and a wall sized world map in addition to the typical monthly activities. Every month following, children will receive: an activity booklet with age appropriate work, stickers, and some type of craft/game/imaginative play item, to name a few!

Preston wanted in on the photoshoot!
Opening this months package… we are learning about space!
Showing me the letter he got from Max & Mia.

So excited for our adventure into space!

The activity booklet was great for my boys. Hunter (5 in December) would be able to work through the each page independently after I explained what was expected of him on the page. Grayson (3.5 years old) would need me to sit with him to guide him through most work. On the third month of receiving this package, Grayson was working through a page in the booklet and he remembered a similar activity that he did in a previous booklet. Since he remembered the previous one, he was able to complete that page completely independently and he was so proud that he did! I love that the activities in the booklet are predictable enough for familiarity and comfort for my boys but different enough to where they are not bored. The activity booklets work on: tracing, matching, patterns, same and different, color, and more!

If you have a little one (or a school aged child) I cannot recommend this subscription enough. It is a great way to teach new skills that children may not otherwise be exposed to. In addition, it provides children a fun and creative way to work on skills that they have been exposed to but are still working towards mastery.

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