Favorite Things: Amazon Purchases

Another day, another Amazon order….am I right? Hope I’m not the only one, they make it so easy! Being in quarantine has allowed me to spend lots of quality time searching amazon and trying new products and items. I have rounded up our top recent amazon purchases as of lately. They are broken down into 5 different categories: household, beauty, kids, laundry, and clothes. These are all items we are using and love!

Household Items:

LIFESAVER and worth every.single.penny.
Silk pillowcase: Anti-aging and so comfortable!
Natural All Purpose Surface Cleaner-love the clean ingredients!
Kelly is wearing these gloves in above photo! Durable and gets the job done!


Exfoliate, Deep cleanse & Detoxify…such a great mask… (see pic below!)
We’ve tried LOTS of dry shampoo (high end, drug store, etc.) and this is our favorite!
Natural Body Wash-but we love this whole line of ATTITUDE products!


The BEST ingredients for kids sunscreen!
PERFECT for little hands!
This toothpaste goes so quickly in our homes!


Glamorous Laundry Detergent: We love using this for special occasions (i.e. guest towels) or when we want to pamper ourselves! 
Laundry Detergent: Hypoallergenic, vegan, safe & clean, eco friendly…the list goes on. We love this detergent!


Very similar to Lululemon but at a much better price!
Been living in this jumpsuit all summer
Chiffon Tunic Dress: SO comfortable! Kelly is wearing this dress in the picture below. 

2 thoughts on “Favorite Things: Amazon Purchases

  1. LOVE LOVE that laundry detergent! Sheets, underclothing, PJs ……..I just have to make sure my husbands clothes arenโ€™t in the load !๐Ÿ’— I actually look forward to laundry when using it


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