Workout Wednesday

Happy Workout Wednesday friends! We hope your week is going well and that you’ve had a chance or two to workout since last Wednesday’s workout. This weeks Workout Wednesday really challenged us and we think it will challenge you too. Take a look at our instagram account and you will see videos of these exercises posted in our stories (and saved in our highlights). This is something we hope to do on a regular basis, it will hopefully be easier for you to follow along with the workouts. Also, be looking forward to some modified workouts in the near future of other expecting mothers!

Cardio Warm-up
Set One: 10 reverse curtsy lunges, 10 burpees, 12 hammer curls (repeat 3 times)
Set Two: 15 narrow to wide squat, 15 side plank knee crunch, 10 in and out lateral extension, (repeat 3 times)
Set Three: 10 glute bridge on a ball and pull your feet in, 15 jumping jacks, 15 jump squats (repeat 3 times)
Stretch to cool down.

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