Workout Wednesday- Sept. 9, 2020

I don’t know about you, but I needed a good workout after a long weekend. We do love a long weekend but also know that we do better keeping up our exercising schedule when we are in more of a routine, anyone else? For this workout all you need are a couple sets of dumbbells. For one of the exercises we used a medicine ball but it could easily be done with a single dumbbell, we also laid on an exercise ball for the chest press but you can do it on the ground. A few simple modifications will take this workout we did at the gym straight to your living room!

Cardio warm-up
Set one: 15 medicine ball out & in, 10 front raise overhead down side (around the world), 10 side gallops each way (repeat 3 times)
Set two: 10 plank kickbacks, 30 punches with weights, 12 bicep curls (repeat 3 times)
Set three: 10 plank rows, 10 chest press on a ball, 12 tricep extensions (repeat 3 times)
Stretch to cool down

Happy workout Wednesday!

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