Workout Wednesday- Sept. 26, 2020

After a weekend in Scottsdale, I seriously needed this workout! It’s always more fun to workout when you have new athletic wear and I am loving this set. A couple weeks ago I put a poll on instagram to see if you liked this blue set or a gray one, and you all said you liked the blue… so here it is! I really liked it before it came in but loved it even more than I thought I would when it came in.

This athletic wear is from Astoria Activewear which is a brand I have recently found but I love. The leggings hug and suck you in in all the right places. I love how this look can take you from the gym to running errands to grabbing a smoothie! If you use the code THEMERIDIANBLISS at checkout you will receive 15% off your order at Astoria Activewear!

Now onto the workout for today!
Cardio warmup

Set one: 15 stagger lunges, 20 side taps in a plank, 15 bicep curls in a T (repeat three times)

Set two: 10 squat reverse lunge kickback, 15 weighted dead bug leg extension, 15 reverse grip front raise (repeat 3 times)

Set three: 20 frogger bridge raises, 15 around the world crunches, 15 skull crushers (repeat 3 times)

Stretch to cool down

Happy Wednesday and happy exercising!

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