Weekend in Scottsdale

Last weekend I was lucky enough to get to go on a quick trip away to hot and sunny Scottsdale, AZ with a college girlfriend! We both have 3 kids all around the same ages so the two of us have been “out of commision” the past 5 or 6 years to take any trips without the kiddos. This trip has been about a year in the making and we were determined to go through with it, even when we thought it might not happen for a little bit.

Pool time!

We stayed at The Boulders Resort & Spa and had the most wonderful time together. Unfortunately things were pretty limited at The Boulders because of COVID (which we anticipated would happen). The spa was not open yet, restaurants were not fully open, and menus were smaller than normal. Even with that though, we had a great time there.

tank * similar shorts * similar sunglasses

The grounds were beautiful and both mornings we were there we went for a nice long walk to start the day. We chose to walk to breakfast both days even though the resort has golf carts to take you wherever you want to go (it is so spacious). After a delicious breakfast we headed to the pool to lounge by the water the rest of the day! I can’t remember the last time I sat by the pool … and for an entire day – it was so relaxing!

COVID vacation

One of our nights there we ate dinner at the resort and the other night we popped over to the Four Seasons Scottsdale for dinner and drinks. We had the best time at FS for dinner and had the most delicious charcuterie board, highly recommend.

Hotel robes are always a good idea

Although a getaway during COVID isn’t the easiest, I am so glad I got to spend such quality time with my sweet friend!

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