Weekend in Texas

Last weekend was another weekend away for me (Kelly), but this time the whole crew came with me! We spent the weekend in Texas with 2 of my most precious friends and their sweet families. In total there were 6 adults and 7 children (4 years old and under). To say that we had fun is an understatement… I am STILL recovering!

Every year our families get together, either here in Chicago or in Dallas and it has been the most fun seeing our children grow up together – even though its long distance. This year, more than ever before, all 7 kids clicked and started playing immediately and didn’t stop until we left! It was just the most precious to witness all the little ones have the time of their lives together.

Seeing that things are not “normal” right now (and the fact that there were so many of us) we did not do much outside of the house. Lots of playing outside, water balloon fights, evening swims, and nerf guns. All that and the parents even got a babysitter (or 4) to have a nice dinner away!

We had the absolute best weekend and my boys are already wondering when we are going to see our Texas friends again!

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