Kids Halloween Activities

Up until having kids, that were old enough to have fun with Halloween, I (Kelly) have never been the biggest fan of the holiday. While it’s still not my favorite, I love seeing the excitement on my boys faces when they talk about Halloween, dressing up, and all the fun that comes with the month of October.

This year we decided to get the kiddos together for dinner and then to do some fun Halloween activities. We had the best evening spending time together and getting in the Halloween spirit. Earlier that day Hunter and I had some special time together prepping for the upcoming evening by making pumpkin shaped rice krispie treats! It was such a rare opportunity that we had to spend time together just the two of us, we just talked and laughed the whole time we were baking.

All 4 kids had fun decorating the rice krispie treat pumpkins that Hunter helped me make. Kylie loved squeezing the frosting out of the tube, and Preston just wanted to eat them!

Then the big boys got to make haunted gingerbread houses. Hunter (who will be 5 in December) LOVED putting his house together. He wanted to do the “glue” and all the steps of putting it together completely independently, I was so proud of his focus and hard work! Grayson (3 1/2 years old) on the other hand, had no interest in putting his house together and was only half way helping. But when it came to decorating their houses, both boys had a great time! Hunter is typically not one for creative/artistic activities, but this one he was in for. Grayson definitely enjoys being creative and doing arts & crafts so this part was right up his alley.

In the end, all 4 kids had fun and we have our adorable haunted gingerbread houses displayed in our house. Do you have any fun Halloween activities that you do with your littles? If you do, share them in the comments!

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