Family Photos: Michelle & Fam

We got SO lucky this past weekend with 70 degree temperatures and sunny skies for our fall family pictures! Leading up to this day can be torturous…finding matching outfits, making sure everyone is ready, planning out the day, etc. but in the end it’s SO worth it. Each year I look back at our photos with the best memories ever.

I’m not one to do super matchy-matchy outfits but I love having fun with everyones different styles. It’s so fun the blend different hues and cuts and while it can sometimes feel like an Olympic Sport (okay, dramatic) I love the end product!

I’ve added links to the outfits we wore this year and last as well as some pictures from our session last year. Also, stay tuned for Kelly’s family photos later this season as she is doing a holiday shoot with her photographer! Do you take fall family photos? Or do you wait for the holidays? Would love hear how you style your shoots! Comment below!

A walk down memory lane…last years photos!

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