Favorite Non-toxic Candles

A lot of what we consider important has changed since being on this journey of motherhood, and we are so happy with the changes that we have made in our lives to help our children. Before having children we did not put clean living at the highest priority but the moment our babies were put in our arms, we have been striving to provide our precious little ones with a clean, toxic free lifestyle (as much as possible).

Hunter, Grayson, & Preston all have lung issues, thankfully they are all pretty minor, but they do often struggle with coughing and/or wheezing. Before these issues happened I never really paid much attention to the cleanliness of the air in our house. But having three boys with different severities of breathing troubles really made me research and learn about our air quality. There have been a number of different steps we have taken as a family to try to have clean air in our house (and I can do a post on that if you would be interested) but this post is strictly about non-toxic candles.

For those of you that don’t know, your standard scented paraffin candle often releases petroleum and formaldehyde into the air (essentially the air in your house is polluted). I’ve learned that the best non-toxic candles are made with soy wax, coconut wax, or beeswax (or a combination of any of those together). Additionally, it is important that the wick of the candle is made from 100% cotton, natural wood wicks are another great choice but often times companies glue the wood together so there may be pollutants in that. Finally, having the candles scented with high quality essential oils.

Trader Joe’s makes great non-toxic candles too! You can buy them in store or on Amazon!

I have tried a handful of non-toxic candles and I have really liked all of the ones that I’ve tried, although the scent is typically not as strong as a paraffin candle. Of the ones that I have tried, I keep going back to candles from Fontana Candle Company. Fontana Candle Co makes their candles from a combination of beeswax and coconut oil, they are scented with essential oils, and burn with a natural wood wick (that you can hear crackling if you listen for it!).

Above are four different companies that I have tried and loved! The first is Uma, this Pure Calm Wellness Candle creates (exactly what the name says) a calm in your home that is so needed sometimes. The second are from the company Bee Hive Candles – I personally love their Aromatherapy candles. The third option is by Milk + Honey. Not only do their candles smell wonderful and last a long time, but they are also beautiful. The final option above is from Amazon and is the brand Wild Beautiful Free, this Lavender and Vanilla scent is dreamy! They are all at different price points too – anywhere from $10 to just under $70. Any of these would make a great gift to a loved one… or yourself!

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