Preston’s 18 Month Update

I cannot believe my precious baby is a year and a half! Every milestone with Preston has been so much fun but also so hard, knowing he is our final baby. We thought it would be fun to have major milestone updates of our little ones as they grow, so here is our first update.

Preston continues to be such a mix of both of his older brothers, he has the energy that Hunter has and the “passion”, as I like to call it, as Grayson. He is nonstop movement from the time he wakes up to the time he goes down. Not only is he constantly moving (jumping is his absolute favorite) but he is also constantly talking or singing. Preston is a lover, a jokester, and you can tell that he is the youngest of three boys!

Preston has always been a peanut both in height and weight. He has always hovered around the 10th percentile in both but he went through a little growth spurt and is now just above the 30th percentile (23 lbs 2 oz & 32 inches).

18 month well check
pro tip: bring stamps, stickers, markers, etc for dr office entertainment

We have never been super strict with our schedule because we like the flexibility that allows us to have both during the day and at night. Morning wake up time is usually anywhere from 7:00-8:00, once he wakes up he will play in his crib until we get him. Preston takes one nap per day. We typically put him (and his brothers) down for a nap anytime between 1:00-2:30 and he will usually nap for 2 or 3 hours. Then, on a normal night we aim to have him in bed by 8:00pm.

Of all three boys, Preston is by far the pickiest eater and the most stubborn eater. He is not easy to bribe into eating food or drinking something he does not want. He doesn’t love meat, but will eat it if we hide it in bread or if he is able to dip it in ketchup. Preston is big into breakfast and could easily skip dinner. He loves: oatmeal, yogurt, cheese, pouches, smoothies, mac n cheese, sweet potatoes, & any and all carbs!

Preston’s Favorites:
*Sleepy toys: “Ra Ra” his bunny and his Little Giraffe blanket
*Songs: Chicken Fried, Hand Clap, and Baby Shark
*Books: Make Way For Ducklings and Time For Bed
*Toys: this basketball hoop is in constant use at our house, this scooter was a hit all summer, anything he can climb and jump off of, and anything that he can throw and run after

We love you sweet P-Diddy!

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