Family Photos: Kelly and Fam

Since Hunter was born (almost 5 years ago!) my family has been getting family photos done regularly. With each of the boys we bought a package with our favorite photographer, Shelly Shimon (if you are local to Chicago, we cannot recommend her enough), where we had shoot throughout the first year – newborn, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, and 12 months. So in the past 5 years we have had 15 family photo shoots… God Bless Rob for putting up with me and allowing this to happen! These photos that Shelly has taken over the years are some of my favorite pictures of my little lovebugs and I will cherish them forever!

my four favorites

So, to say that I love family photo sessions is an understatement! Is it a bit stressful? yes. Is it a challenge? yes. Does everyone always cooperate the day of? no. But we prioritize these sessions because our kids are only going to be 4, 3, and 1 once – so we need to capture it.

If you haven’t noticed this about me, I love to match my boys – whenever possible. I will match them as long as they let me, and they love it at this point so we’re going with it. Now that there are three boys at different ages, it has been a bit more challenging for me to find 3 of the same outfits (that I like) for the boys. I don’t have all matching clothes for them, so when I do buy coordinating outfits I try to be strategic about it. Once I have the boys outfits picked out I move to mine! From there, Rob is easily able to coordinate with what we are working with.

sweet hunter, my precious first born
goofy grayson
love the smile with his thumb in his mouth

For these photos I was thinking Christmas cards, so I wanted to be festive (hence the red sweaters) but didn’t want to overdo it. When I ordered my dress, I was pretty nervous I wasn’t going to like it in person but I adore this dress now! I got it from Vici Collection and it is now on sale for just under $35 – only small sizes are left, which is what I am wearing. My boots are old Steve Madden but here are the more recent style… they are on sale right now! My earrings are also from Vici and are super lightweight and beautiful. Rob’s sweater is so soft and only $35 from Amazon and his shoes are old but similar options are linked here, here, and here.

robs sweater and similar shoes * boys sweater and shoes * my dress, similar shoes, and earrings

Thank you Shelly, once again, for these amazing family photographs! We cherish each session we have with you – you are the best!

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