Workout Wednesday – Nov. 4, 2020

After a weekend of Halloween candy overload, we really needed this workout! Today’s workout is pregnancy friendly and is also a great workout if you are not expecting, just add or up the weights. We hope you all had a great Halloween weekend and that you were as ready to get back into the gym as we were on Monday morning.

Here is the workout for today!
Cardio warm up
Set one: 12 weighted sitting squats, 10 modified push-up, 10 (on each side) straight arm oblique twist/tap (repeat 3 times)
Set two: 10 squat and front leg cross lift, 10 one leg deadlift, 10 squat walks with band (repeat 3 times)
Set three: 10 weighted bird dog, 10 single arm shoulder press in lunge, 12 triceps (repeat 3 times)
Stretch to cool down!

Happy Workout Wednesday!

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