Fig + Olive Products

We’ve talked before about how using all natural and clean products are extremely important to us, so we wanted to share another product that we use on the regular in both our houses! Fig + Olive has developed natural face and body products that have a lasting and healing effect.. and we love them!

I (Kelly) have mentioned before how 2 of my boys have sensitive skin and eczema, Preston having it the worst. We have used many different types of soaps and lotions for him (that were natural, clean, and unscented) and the Fig + Olive products have worked the best for him. His eczema would flare up so badly that any lotion/soap would sting and burn his skin – since using both the Pure Olive Oil Soap and the Nourishing Body Balm exclusively, we have not had an eczema flare up at all! In addition to using it on Preston, both of us (and our mom) have the Body Balm in the kitchen and in our bathrooms!

The Facial & Body Serum is amazing for anyone and everyone- newborn through adults! It would make a great gift for any man in your life to use after shaving…think stocking stuffer! Or, need a gift for a precious newborn? Fig + Olive will make gift bags with their serum, soap, and body balm such a luxurious but practical gift that could be used by both baby and mom!

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