Favorite iPad Apps for Kids

I definitely have a love hate relationship when it comes to screen time with kids. I love it because it keeps them entertained and I have a second to breath and I hate it because well, they are staring at a screen #momguilt. But if this quarantine has taught me anything it’s to let go of the screen time expectations that I have placed on myself. Of course it’s still not a free-for-all by any means and there are days where the ipad, TV, etc. are completely off (and that’s a big time win!) but other days, I need 15 minutes to re-charge or quickly get something done around the house. While my heart will always be with Netflix and Disney Plus, there are a handful of apps that I love that are educational, fun, and allows for screen time that I can feel good about!

Knock Knock Family
Go Noodle
  • Knock Knock Family: This is an interactive peek-a-boo game and Kylie’s favorite app right now! We personalized it so it’s pictures of familiar people. I love also that it works on matching shapes.
  • Homer App: For kids 2-8 years old. This app is personalized to their interests and covers reading, math, social emotional, creativity, and thinking/problem solving….#yesplease
  • EPIC!: A digital reading platform, so many books to choose from!
  • Go Noodle: Encourages movement and mindfulness, something we all could benefit from! (The above pic shows the boys doing a video from Go Noodle)
Kylie “reading” a book on the app “I Like Books”
I like Books
PBS Kids
Breath, Think, Do Sesame
Monkey Preschool Lunchbox

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