The Little Gym

Lately I’ve been in a rut with activities that I do with Kylie (parents of toddlers-anyone else??). We do arts and crafts, we go to the park, play outside, read books, etc. rinse and repeat. With our pre-covid schedule of swimming lessons, library visits, and play dates on hold I have been eager to find a class or an activity that she can safely participate in. I was looking for something to get her moving and active, but also one that would benefit her listening, concentration, and social skills. When I came across The Little Gym and learned they were were holding classes, I reached out to hear more about what they offer.

What I love most about The Little Gym (other than the staff-they are FABULOUS!) is their philosophy, knowledge on child development, and implementation of activities. Each session allows for the opportunity of physical development while also focusing on social, emotional, and intellectual growth all while having fun. During our hour long classes there’s music, engaging toys/equipment, and a purpose behind every activity. I always leave there with tips and tricks to do at home (just this week I learned that bubble play helps with eye-tracking which is a critical early learner reading skill).

If you are looking for a class for your toddler I highly recommend you looking into The Little Gym!

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