Workout Wednesday – November 18, 2020

Getting new workout clothes really makes exercising more fun … especially when they are leopard! I was so excited when I got these leopard leggings in from Pink Lily that I had to wear them right away. Anyways, I hope you are ready for lots of lunges in this weeks workout!

Cardio warmup

Set One: 15 lunge kickback, 10 bicep curl and push-up, 20 scissor crunches (repeat 3 times)

Set Two: 15 reverse lunges with a bar overhead, 12 tricep extension with a bar, 15 weighted side leg raises (repeat 3 times)

Set Three: 10 reverse lunge with a twist and knee up, 15 side crunch leg extension, 15 burpees (repeat 3 times)

Stretch to cool down

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