Christmas Cards 2020

One of my favorite holiday traditions is sending out family Christmas cards! I love seeing everyone else’s cards and wanted to share how ours came together. We used Pinhole Press this year and I absolutely love how they turned out! Our exact cards we used are linked here (search “Joy Photo Card” on their website).

Pinhole Press made the process seem-less and so easy for us! Their website is very user-friendly and I was able to customize our cards exactly to my liking. They also offer convenient address printing (receipt and return) which is a life saver for this busy time of year! If you are still looking to order cards, we have a discount for you at Pinhole Press! Use code MBLISS15 at checkout for 15% now until Thanksgiving.

Pinhole Press has lots of other fantastic holiday and gift items available. Some favorites include:

Happy holiday card shopping!

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