Workout Wednesday – December 9, 2020

Does anyone else ever find it hard to make it to the gym?! I am always more likely to commit when I have a class to take (which are nonexistent at this time) – which is one reason why I am so grateful for my sister! Having a workout buddy makes going to the gym that much more fun, and you can’t decide last minute to skip! Well, this week was one of those weeks for me and I was thankful that Michelle kept me going. Do you all have a workout buddy that you typically exercise with?

Here is your workout for today!
Cardio warm-up
Set One: 15 weighted figure 8, 15 weighted sumo squats, 10 tricep pushups (repeat 3 times)
Set Two: 15 side toe taps in a plank, 15 skull crushers, 10 slow squats with a bar (repeat 3 times)
Set Three: 15 leg raises with a bar, 15 kneeling squats with a bar, 15 lateral t bicep curls (repeat 3 times)
Stretch to cool down.

Enjoy your workout!

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