Workout Wednesday – December 23, 2020

Who actually has the time to work out today?! The day before Christmas brings on all the excitement, activities, and even stress – there leaves little room for a workout! But if you are a pro at time management and have a chance to make it to the gym, or if you are looking for something to help with you continue to procrastinate cooking/cleaning, we’ve got you covered! This workout was a complete kettlebell workout, and all exercises are easy to change out the kettlebell to a barbell if needed. We hope you have a great Christmas. Enjoy your time celebrating the birth of Jesus with your family and loved ones! We will see you back here next week!

Cardio warm-up

Set One: 15 deadlift to squat, 10 head circles, 15 kettlebell swings (repeat 3x)

Set Two: 15 one legged deadlifts, 15 rows, 10 russian twists (repeat 3x)

Set Three: 20 walking lunges, 15 sit=ups, 10 slide toe touch (repeat 3x)

Stretch to cool down

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