Second Trimester Update

Even though I am well into my third trimester (31 weeks tomorrow-ahhh!) I wanted to share a second trimester update as well as some things I have bought for Baby C (if you missed my first trimester update you can read it here)! My second trimester spanned the months of September, October, and November and I focused most of my time on getting Kylie’s “big girl room” ready since she is still in the nursery. I’ll share a post in the New Year about her new room but for now, back to Baby C!

I feel so lucky to still be able to keep up with my same routines (exercising, cooking, working, etc) and Kylie for that matter! Ha! My relationship with exercise has gone from super intense and sweaty sessions to low-impact/moderate exercises. I still workout 4-5 days a week and I feel my best when doing so (check out our Workout Wednesday series for some pregnancy friendly exercises!).

Update on recent purchases/what I’m currently using:

  • This pregnancy pillow…I love the head to toe support it offers
  • Living in leggings (what else is new though) and these are by far my favorite for everyday wear and these for exercising
  • I plan on nursing Baby C and stocked up on some favorites from postpartum with Kylie; these nursing pads, milk storage bags, pump cleaning wipes
  • Haakaa silicone pump
  • These zipper onesies with built in mittens
  • This is our changing table, I love that it has a scale embedded to track weight gain in between doctor visits

Hope this is helpful! XO!

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