Motivational Monday: New Year’s 2021

With a New Year comes a new beginning in a sense and we (like many others) use this as an opportunity to re-evaluate areas of our lives and where we want to improve. Neither of us have ever been big on New Year’s Resolutions but we are big on making lifestyle changes to do better and be better. We both have a couple goals to accomplish throughout the year this year, some may progress throughout the year and others are a one time change. We have come up with 5 things we are planning on doing throughout this year to grow

  1. Cleaning out our closest and our children’s toys/books is something that we both try to do a couple times per year, and this year is no different! It always feels good to shed some of that “extra” that you never actually wear or that your children don’t typically play with. Most of the time our clothes an toys are in great condition and we are able to donate them or pass them along to another mom we know may need the support.

2. Anyone else feel like they cook the same things on repeat?! We are always challenging ourselves to experiment a bit more in the kitchen and this year I (Kelly) am actually going to be starting Whole 30 with two girlfriends come mid-January, I know that this really going to push me to out of my standard meals!

I love the Defined Dish Cookbook and will be using it a ton during Whole 30! Michelle loves Kristin Cavallari’s cookbook True Roots

3. Finding a spot for everything is SO hard because there are so many places to start. Pantry? Linen closet? Hallway closet? Mudroom? Laundry room? Yes please to all! Starting small and moving slow is the only way to accomplish this overwhelming task.

This overwhelming task is made simpler with the Home Edit book! This purchase will be my first purchase when I start this daunting task!

4. Over the past couple of years we have both made many changes to live a healthier lifestyle. Our next step is to eliminate plastic (completely). We have taken a lot of little steps in this area but now we are wanting to get rid of all plastic tupperware and change it out with glass.

How adorable is this 10 piece set from Target?! This 18 piece set from Walmart is perfect for simple storage toO!

5. Getting organized at the beginning of the year, month, week, or day is absolutely necessary! We live off of to do lists. More to come tomorrow on how Michelle is organizing her calendar, to do list, meal planning, the list goes on!

Are you making any changes this year? How are you challenging yourself to be better?

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