Kylie is Two

How in the world is my baby girl two?! I know, I know, that’s so cliche to say but it’s SO TRUE! I can’t believe how fast these first two years have gone. Each and everyday she does something new or says a new word/phrase and seeing her grow is the greatest joy of my life. I say this at every stage but this is certainly my favorite age! We have dance parties galore, play with baby dolls for hours and hours, and cuddle while we read books. I never want to forget these moments and I’m hanging onto these days where I get her all to myself.

Kylie’s shirt is old H & M but here is a similar option, hanging decor garland here

Due to the pandemic we didn’t have a birthday party but we were able to celebrate with each set of Kylie’s Grandparents. We are so blessed to be so close to them and Kylie adores her Gigi & BudBud and Grandma & Papa. Give the girl her Grandparents, balloons, and cake and she is set 🙂

I wanted to capture and share our daily routine as well as share a few of our daily must haves! Below is what a typical day looks like:

7am-Wake up! Kylie wakes around this time…she’s still in a crib and so content there (knock on wood!). Most days she hangs out and plays/talks to herself until Kevin or I go get her. We still use the HelloBaby monitor and it’s by far one of our most used products since day 1. The price is great, it doesn’t connect to wifi, battery life is wonderful…the list goes on!

8am-Breakfast…her favorites are pancakes, chicken sausage, cereal. We absolutely love these Skip Hop utensils!

8:30- Playtime! Her favorites right now are this dollhouse and puzzles…oh and lots of dance parties!

10:15 -Snack – our “go-to” snacks are smoothies, cheese/crackers, yogurt & granola, and fruit

10:30 – Outdoor play or activity. Kylie LOVES the park and I love to get outside even in the winter months. I know it sounds silly but her favorite thing to put on when going outside is this scarf ha!

12:00- Lunch and it’s usually nothing fancy…quesadillas, mac n cheese, chicken nuggets, tomato soup

1:00- Nap time. She wears the woolino sleep sack (she has since 6 months old!)

4:00- Hands on activity (cooking, arts & crafts, sensory bin play) I try to get creative but other days it’s books, stickers (and running around our kitchen island) and ipad until dinner time 🙂

6:00- Dinner, we eat together as a family every night and it’s so fun! She typically sits in this booster seat however recently has wanted to sit solo…

7:00- Bath (a couple nights a week), she loves this little bath shower!

7:30 Bed-We do one book (one of her current favorites) and then it’s lights out!

What items are a must have with your toddler/two year old? I’d love to hear in the comments!

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