Winter Wear

Winter in Chicago is no joke. It seems to last longer each year (of maybe I, Kelly, just like winter less and less each year – haha). I am definitely a person who gets cold easily, very easily, so warm winter wear is a must!

Kelly’s Look:
Hat – my love for leopard print + Pink Lily is strong, so this beanie is right up my alley!
Jacket – this North Face does the job of keeping me warm on chilly days.
Boots – we both adore these cozy winter boots and love that our toes stay warm!
Sunglasses – these lightweight sunglasses re idea for any type of sunny day!
Gloves – I love how these come with the fleece lining on this pair of gloves.
Jeans – these Articles of Society jeans are some of my favorites to wear on a regular basis.

Michelle’s Look:
Hat – we love this ribbed pom-pom beanie, it comes in four other colors too!
Jacket – is old but linking a similar here! This jacket, this jacket, and this one are also great options for maternity and post baby!
Boots – these are the same boots that Kelly has, but in the quarry color.
Sunglasses – are old but linking similar here!
Gloves – good gloves are a necessity in the cold Chicago winters!
Jeans – a good pair of maternity jeans is a must!

What are some must have items that you all have?

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