Our Playroom Space

Today I wanted to share a glimpse into our playroom space aka the mecca of our house! Ha! We spend so much time here and with the pandemic this space has been a lifesaver . While the decor is still lacking a bit (I’ll get there!) this is Kylie’s absolute favorite place in the house to hang out and play!

We keep her “big” item toys here-think ball pit, nugget, trampoline, etc. and we have the smaller piece toys/items (barbies & accessories, etc.) in her room or tucked away in our living room.

  • Ball pit- our exact one isn’t sold anymore BUT this square one is identical (and same size!) I also love how the circle one looks, too. Here are the balls to fill. Also found this similar one, and balls are included with this one!
  • Dollhouse-we have this one from Amazon. The accessories are sold separately here and the details of this dollhouse bring out allll the imaginary play! The bathtub with rubber ducky and towels, the pet dog with a bone and doghouse, a bed with pillows and a blanket…it’s so good!
  • While it’s not a toy, this wood table and chair set has become an essential piece to our playroom. We read books here, color, do puzzles, etc. It’s a must have!
  • Hands down our most played with item….the nugget! We climb, we jump, we slide, we create, we get alllll our energy out. Well worth the money in my opinion!
  • Play Kitchen-Kylie (and I) absolutely adore this one. Everything from the neutral colors (gold is neutral IMO), the accessories, and 4.5 star rating! Full disclosure: it takes a good 2-3 hours to set up but once it’s done, sit back and watch the play happen!
  • Playhouse-I can’t find the one that we have but Crate & Barrel, Pottery Barn Kids, and Amazon have other great options. I love this one, this one, and this one!
  • Bean Bag Chair– we read books on here all the time! It’s comfortable and super easy to move around.
  • Basketball set– love the adjustable height! We’ve been playing with this since Kylie was a year old!

That completes our playroom space! What items do you have in yours? Would love to hear any good ideas below!

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