Valentine’s Day Activity

I love an activity/craft that is 1. quick & easy to set up (and clean up) 2. where I have all the supplies already 3. and one that all three boys can enjoy! This craft covered all three of those areas and you all have asked for more kids craftities so I figured I would share this.

*Large Paper – we have this one for our easel, so I just cut off a large section. You could easily do this craft on regular construction paper too for a smaller, individual craft.
*Painters Tape

1. Tape the paper to any surface. I decided on the floor since all three boys were participating in this together at the same time.
2. Use the painters tape to spell out your message or design.
3. Color away!
4. Once the coloring is complete (making sure that all areas around the tape are colored) then carefully pull up the painters tape on the paper to reveal the design!

The boys had a great time with this activity. I love that all three boys (5, almost 4, and 22 months) were able to have fun with it! I will say that Hunter (5 years old) had a hard time understanding that on this activity it was okay for him to “scribble scrabble” and not worry about coloring on the tape. Once I explained to him what would happen when we took the tape off, he loved being able to scribble as fast as he could!

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