Valentine’s Day Cards For Kids

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, we wanted to share with you all the Valentine’s that the boys picked out for their friends at school. Our boys absolutely love donuts, I wonder where they get that from.. 😉 so when they saw these darling donut options – they were both sold!

We got these Donut Valentine’s from Ellington Paper Company and could not be happier. Our original plan was to get either a donut or a couple of donut holes for the each child in the boys’ classes but no food is allowed to be passed out this year. So we had to rethink the donut theme after we received the Valentine’s. Instead of giving each child a donut we made a little bag of donut themed goodies for each child! If you still need to get Valentine’s for your little ones, it is not too late! You can place an order and then print them yourself. Below are my top three choices of Valentine’s that you can purchase through Ellington Paper Company’s Etsy shop.

Valentine’s Cards and Pairing Ideas
1. These WELLY Valentine’s would be adorable with a package of Welly bandages
2. I Dig You Valentine’s are so cute for those who love trucks and it would be perfect to pair with this little toy truck!
3. These Pink Bunny Valentine’s would be perfect to add with these bunny ears or even Annie’s Bunny Fruit Snacks

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