Grayson Is 4!

I know every mom says this at every child’s birthday, but I CANNOT believe that our little nugget is 4 years old.

Party Details
For Grayson’s party, he wanted a Power Rangers theme… specifically Tommy – the green power ranger.
*Banner – I DIYed this banner when the wall decal I ordered did not arrive in time
*Balloons – this pack of Power Ranger balloons is from Amazon, we have this helium tank to blow up balloons at home (highly recommend)
*Green Cups – these adorable Power Ranger cups we ordered from Sequins & Lipstick on Etsy, I have friends that have ordered custom cups/napkins/etc from her for parties/events and I always thought it added such an adorable and personal touch, so I figured I would try them and I LOVED them! I will definitely be order more in the future.
*Cookies – these cookies were not only adorable but so delicious! We got them from a local bakery and will absolutely be going back for more custom goodies and our next donut run!

Update on Grayson!
For those of you who know me (and Grayson), know that one word I use to describe him is passionate. He is passionate in all he does, whatever he is doing.. playing, feeling, anything – he does it to the extreme. Grayson is funny, random, and the absolute sweetest. He says what is on his mind and tells you exactly what he is thinking. I pray that this sweet little boy never loses his ability to laugh at the smallest things, his ability to make others laugh, and his ability to make others feel special and loved.

Height & Weight
Grayson has always been a peanut – and he is sticking to that trend. We had his 4 year check up earlier this week and he is just over 38 inches tall (11th percentile) and 31 pounds (10th percentile).

Grayson will usually wake up anywhere between 6:30-7:30 in the morning. All three boys will go down for a nap/rest time in the afternoon anytime between 1:00-2:00. During this time, Grayson usually sleeps for at least part. If he doesn’t sleep then he just plays quietly in his room until his Hatch Light turns red (which is when he knows he can leave his room). Rest time is typically about 2 hours. Then he will go down for bed anytime between 8:15-8:45, on a normal day.

This summer Grayson (and Hunter) played t-ball, and loved it! All three boys have completed the ISR program and refreshers. At this point, he is not in any activities and outside play (here in Chicago) is a rarity. We cannot wait for the weather to get nicer and be able to play outside and sign him up for outdoor sports!
Grayson is such a homebody and thrives in the comfort/safety of his own home. He loves anything and everything that Hunter loves (Legos, Star Wars, etc) but he also loves Power Rangers (hence the party theme), monster trucks, and Blippi. He enjoys puzzles, playing with Preston, and also playing solo a ton too.
G is also in school 2 full days per week and absolutely loves it. He always tells me that his favorite part of the day was “all of it because I love school”. Grayson has always shown an interest in “academics” and is always asking about letters, words, and numbers. His sweet little mind is always wondering, thinking, and investigating.

Grayson is a pretty typical child when it comes to eating. He could live off of yogurt, mac n cheese, and fruit (berries, apples, bananas, clementines, grapes, all the fruit). He much prefers snacking throughout the day as opposed to meals. For breakfast Grayson will usually ask for oatmeal or pancakes & turkey sausage. Lunch would be a yogurt parfait every single day if Grayson had it his way. Dinner is not his favorite meal by any stretch of the imagination, he always tries what we are eating and sometimes it’s a win and sometimes it’s a flop.

Happy Birthday G-Money! We love you!

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