3rd Trimester Update & Preparing for Postpartum

I can’t even believe that I am 37 (almost 38 weeks!) pregnant. This pregnancy has really flown by!! It seems like just yesterday I was writing my first and second trimester update, and here we are…almost go time! I am SO excited to meet this baby!

I feel so lucky to say that I am still feeling really great! I’m still able to keep up with Kylie, workout 4-5 days a week (check out our pregnancy workout highlight on IG!), and get a good amount of sleep at night. I mostly do strength training and low impact cardio workouts and always end with a good stretch. I’ve definitely slowed my pace down and my workouts help with not only my stress levels but also energy levels. My goal this pregnancy has been to stay active and get moving and I’ve been able to do so this whole time! I am also totally in the nesting mode, organizing is my jam right now and I’ll find just about anything to re-organize lol!

Below are some things that I have started to get together to help with postpartum!

  • Moms on Call-I used this with Kylie and she adapted SO well to this schedule/journey. Hoping Baby C is the same! I dusted this off last week and keeping it on my bedside (have yet to open it lol!).
  • Pajamas- I have a couple pairs of button down pajamas that are nursing friendly. These, these, and these are my favorites! Trust me, you’re going to want multiple pairs!
  • Nursing bras and tanks- these bras and these tanks
  • One-hand open water bottle….stress on the words one-hand!
  • High waisted postpartum comfy undies. I used these last time and will be purchasing again!
  • Nipple butter – love the Earth Mama brand
  • Belly Bandit- this Belly Wrap was a life saver for postpartum recovery with Kylie. Not only did it provide comfort to my c-section incision but it also helped strengthen my core muscles that weakened during pregnancy. Will definitely be using again!

My goal this next week is to start getting my hospital bag together and momma’s I NEED your help! What items were in your bag? What things can I leave at home? Send any tips my way or comment below!

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