Wellness Wednesday Pregnancy Edition: Earth Mama Products

For both of my pregnancies I have made it my goal to continue my active, healthy lifestyle. For my first pregnancy, this was “easy” as I didn’t have a toddler to look after. I had the luxury of going to the gym when I wanted, having all the time in the world to make home-made meals, and was able to put myself and goals first. This second time around I’ve had to get a little creative in taking care of myself which is why I have loved Earth Mama Organics. They make clean, safe, and effective products for the entire motherhood journey and make nourishing the body easy. I also love that the ingredients used in all products are safe and trusted- it makes it a no brainer when filling up on motherhood essentials! I’ve rounded up my favorite Earth Mama Organics products-ones that I am currently using, planning on using/have used in the past with Kylie! Earth Mama Organics was so nice and provided a code for TMB readers! If you are interested in any of the products below please use:

Coupon code: MeridianBliss at checkout Discount: 15% off regularly priced purchases (offer does not include travel kits or Lavender Hand Sanitizer) **offer expires 3/31/21

Products I’m using while pregnant:

  • Third Trimester Tea: I drink this tea at least once a day (typically at night) and I love how it supports the unique needs of late pregnancy. Bonus that it’s so yummy, too!
  • Belly Butter: I started using this product during my first pregnancy. The winter months leave my skin so dry and this luxurious lotion helps with hydration and stretch marks. Earth Mama Organics also sells a Belly Oil but personally I prefer a lotion (just my preference!)
  • Heartburn Tea: Another tea favorite! This tea is SO soothing and love that it relieves heartburn, indigestion, and acid reflux without having to take medication. Bonus: this tea helps if you are expecting or not!

Products I’ll be using with Baby C:

  • Baby Wash: Love that this moisturizing hand and body wash can be used with the whole family! We keep one on the bathroom sink and in our tub!
  • Diaper Balm: This diaper cream is both gentle and effective – its a fan favorite over here!
  • Nose & Cheek Balm: This ultra rich balm helps keep dry skin stay soft and moisturized. With all the baby drool that’s to come I have stocked up on this!
  • Baby Lotion: This lotion comforts and soothes sensitive, delicate skin…and so easy since it’s good for the whole body!

Products for me (mama!) postpartum:

Earth Mama Organics believes that postpartum is a time to connect, rest, and heal. I absolutely love their passion and drive in supporting the new mom. These products are focused on baby and mom connecting and getting to know one another by supporting postpartum needs of mom. These products also emphasize the need of rest and sleep and make the healing process for mom a bit more manageable.

  • Organic Herbal Sitz Bath: Easy to use, individual herbal sachets for brewing and using as a stiz bath or a cooled compress to provide direct relief to the perineal area. This is a must have in my book!
  • Organic Perineal Balm: This helps provide lasting cooling comfort and because it’s a balm it allows herbs to stay and help heal. Use this with the Perineal Spray (see below)
  • Organic Perineal Spray: This touch free spray serves up quick, temporary relief. It’s a mist with an upside-down sprayer makes it easy to access hard to reach places…another must have for recovery and healing!
  • Organic Periodic Tea: This postpartum recovery tea can be consumed within the first hour of giving birth! It helps with bleeding, cramping, and hormone shifts after birthing…I’ll be chugging this 🙂

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