Top 10 Postpartum Items For the First 10 Days

Can’t believe it’s been almost 2 weeks since Caden joined us! It’s been the best/hardest/sweetest/most natural (all the feelings!) transition home. The sweet moments are the best and the hard moments are hard. One thing is for certain postpartum recovery can be brutal so i’ve rounded up my 10 most used items since bringing C home with us. In no particular order…

  1. My breast friend nursing pillow – this has been a game changer for my back…the best support!

2. Huckleberry App – so great for tracking all things (feedings, diaper, etc)

3. Nipple Cream – Lansinoh Lanolin Nipple Cream and Earth Mama Nipple Cream have been my faves

4. Lansinoh Soothies Breast Gel Pads – literally a life saver!

5. Nursing Bras – these have been soo comfy

6. Haakaa – love that I’ve been able to start building a stash without pumping!

7. High waisted Undies – these have been great on my c-section incision

8. Belly Band – trying to wear it as often as I can!

9. Barefoot Dreams Cardigan – been LIVING in this daily

10. Bassinet– we have this in our living room for daytime naps, it’s been great! Also perfect for travel!

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