Packing for a Family of 5

Being a mom that works outside the house, I need to prep for vacations significantly ahead of time. I usually try to have my husband take the boys out for a half day and just get it all done and laid out. Since I am big on matching the boys, whenever possible, I find packing to be a bit easier … I’m just packing the same thing 3 times! But I lay everything out on the floor and each boy has a row for their clothes. I decide what pieces they are going to wear during the day and which pieces they will wear for dinners out. For dinners out I usually try to compliment their outfits, since I know we will (obviously) be taking pictures. I get everything laid out and the night before we leave it is easy to just place it all in their suitcases! Do you all have packing cubes? I don’t but I think I may get them for our next trip. If you do have them, what are your thoughts?

Next up, I get their carry on bags ready. In each of. their bags they get… their amazon fire tablet, headphones, their blanket & a favorite animal, their snack box, a water bottle, an extra mask, and 1 or 2 small toys.

In their snack boxes (with these stickers for their names) I usually put a Z Bar, fruit strips, some type of fruit and/or veggie, a pouch of some sort, fruit snacks, and then more of a snack type food (think Pirates Booty, Annie’s Bunnies, etc).

How do you get organized for your upcoming vacations?

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