Kylie’s New Bedroom

I had so much fun decorating and styling Kylie’s new bedroom I wanted to share the final (ish!) product with you guys! Being the first born, she really lucked out with the biggest bedroom in the house and I love how bright and sunny it can get in there! I’ll share an update on the nursery soon but for now wanted to share Kylie’s “toddler” bedroom. I say “toddler” because she is still in a crib because neither her or I are ready for that transition yet. (Mama’s-when did your little one transition to a bed?! I would love to hear below in the comments!)

I love that her room doesn’t necessarily have a “theme” but the hues are soft and the light touches of bows and butterflies make the room feel airy. Most of all, I love how much Kylie loves it! We weren’t sure how she would do with the transition but it has gone WAY better than expected…nearly perfect. I think it helped that we really spent time prepping her for it. We played in there all the time and constantly talked about her new room and what colors and toys she wanted in there!

See below for all the decor details!

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