Florida Trip in Review

Last week I (Kelly) spent the week in Florida with my little family and we had the most wonderful time! We went with my in-laws who were gracious enough to let us use their timeshare for the week. It was such a nice week in warm weather with family, I couldn’t ask for anything more.

Although we were in Orlando, we did not do Disney. We opted for Legoland instead (our boys are much more into Legos) and we could not be happier with our decision. We got a two day pass where we spent one day at the park, enjoying the rides and looking at all the amazing things built with legos. Legoland was so much fun and so age appropriate for Hunter and Grayson. Hunter was able to go on many more rides than Grayson was, but Grayson didn’t have to desire to go on the rides that he wasn’t tall enough for – so it worked well! And the other day, we left Preston with my in-laws and we did the Legoland Water Park – which I could not recommend enough. Hunter loves swimming but hasn’t loved splash pads/water park type things because he simply enjoys jumping in and swimming, over and over. Grayson is a capable swimmer but is afraid, he does not enjoy water on his face/in his eyes, and does very well playing on the steps at the pool. Even with both boys being such different ‘water children’ and neither of them typically loving water parks…. this was different. They both LOVED the water park at Legoland. Something about having legos in the wave pool made it a bit less intimidating. Anyways, I cannot recommend Legoland and/or the water park enough!

The other days we were there, we stayed at the resort. The boys enjoyed swimming at the resorts pools and going mini golfing a couple of times.

We made amazing memories and all three boys had the best time! We are so thankful to have had this trip with the boys Lolo and Lola and get to spend time with them!

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