Preston is 2!

How on earth is my baby 2 years old?! Every birthday is such a blessing but is also SO hard for me (and all moms I’m sure). This past weekend, we had the sweetest time as a family celebrating our precious Preston and he felt all the love!

Party Details
Preston is obsessed with Super Wings, if you don’t know Super Wings the you must not have a toddler boy haha! Super Wings is a show about airplanes that deliver packages, transform, and help people to solve problems that happen on the show. It is actually cute, semi educational, and is a very wholesome show (without being too babyish). Well we figured that Super Wings would be the perfect theme for his party, and he loved it! We made this balloon wall the day of his party and although it took a bit of time (about an hour) it truly was SO easy! All you need are balloons of different sizes (large, medium, and small), balloon glue dots (we bought 600 and almost used all of them), and a balloon inflator (optional but I wouldn’t do it without one). Once the balloons are inflated just use the glue dots and glue the balloons to the wall and to each other (for additional support). Our walls are white so we had a nice white backdrop to work with! We also, bought these foil Super Wings balloons and this adorable hand painted P to add to the backdrop. Additionally, we decorated his cake with these Super Wings action figures. Once again, we got custom cups from Sequins and Lipstick and Preston could not have been happier with having special cups for his special day!

Update on Preston
Preston is wild and crazy, gentle and sweet, all boy, and the goofiest. He is a total third child of brothers. He is as sweet as ever but is also such a little punk. Preston is constantly making us laugh with his dance moves, silly faces/expressions, and playful behavior buuutttt is also always testing us with what he can get aways with (this boy is cute and silly and he KNOWS it) – it is often so hard for me not to laugh when disciplining him. He is strong willed at times. He is determined. He is constantly trying to keep up with his brothers. He is easily entertained and amused. Overall he is just a fun person! And we love him to pieces.

Height & Weight
We go to the doctor for his 2 year check up today – I will update this post tonight.

Preston wakes up anytime between 6:30-7:30 in the morning and can easily entertain himself for 30-45 minutes before we get him if needed. After lunch Preston goes down for a nap, anytime between 1:00-2:30 and is usually asleep for around 2 hours. Then in the evening he goes to bed around 8:00 pm. Just like his brothers, Preston has a Hatch light in his room so that he knows when it is morning/time to wake up. Additionally, the past 2 nights Preston has said that he didn’t want to sleep in his crib anymore, he’s asked to “sleep on ground” in his room. So, we just bought a mattress (that will eventually go on his big bed) to put on his floor. Until then, we will continue to offer the crib but he’s slept great on the floor so far so hopefully the transition to a bed will be smooth!

Being the youngest of 3 ,and the fact that almost all classes/activities for his age are parents & child classes, Preston hasn’t been in any classes or activities up until this point. The only thing he has done is swimming lessons with ISR.
Otherwise, Preston just tries to keep up with his older brothers. He started riding a scooter last summer at (around 15 months) and he is already cruising on his balance bike (highly recommend balance bikes for your littles).
Next year Preston will be in school with Grayson. They will go two days per week for full days!

Preston is the pickiest of all three, by far. He is a total toddler in the sense that he does not want to try anything new and is very dramatic about trying new things. Before trying anything new, Preston scrunches his face, pulls his arms to his check and squeeks out “no like it”. If I let him, Preston our live off of yogurt, mac n cheese, strawberries, bananas, cheese, and oatmeal. He is not a big dinner guy and often times would rather go without it.

We love you Preston!!!

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