Most Purchased Items of 2021

With the first quarter of the year over (crazy!!) we wanted to round up the most purchased items of 2021. These are all products we own and love (and #notsponsored) and you guys seemed to love them too!

  1. Hair Towel Wrap– the best for those non-hair wash days, putting on make-up, washing your face, etc. So many uses! (see above pic of Kelly)
  2. Organic Liquid Probiotics by MaryRuth’s (Plant-Based) – this is good for the whole family! Me, my husband, and 2 year old take this daily
  3. Meat Chopper– perfect for chopping and stirring ground meat, one of Kelly’s most used kitchen items
  4. Under Eye Collagen Patch– lots of benefits in these! Anti-aging, helps with puffy eyes & bags, dark circles and wrinkles, & deep moisturizing (see above pic of Kelly)
  5. Kids’ Sunscreen Stick– love this clean brand!
  6. Women’s High Waisted Yoga Pants– this colorfulkoala brand is my favorite! 7/8 length and has pockets.. not surprised these are on the list!
  7. Cordless Vacuum-seriously the best vacuum! Great suction, lightweight, and such a great price!
  8. Button down dress– another fan favorite from you guys!
  9. Ruffle Top Modern One Piece Swimsuit– the cutest suit! Almost sold out so act fast if you’re in need!
  10. Lake Pajamas – so many questions when I posted about these..hands down the best pajamas ever!! Softest. Cotton. Imaginable. #dreamy

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