Rob’s Birthday Wishlist

Next week is Rob’s birthday and I always have the toughest time shopping for him. Anyone else have a hard time with their husbands? I figured I wasn’t in this boat alone, so I asked Rob to come up with a wishlist for me to share with you all! Rob is a total “guy” in the sense that he likes cars, camping, fishing, & working out. He enjoys things that are unique and functional. He doesn’t care about brands. The items he chose all serve a purpose, are versatile, and have unique “extras” to go along with them. And let me tell you, had I not asked him to compile this wishlist for TMB… he would not have gotten any of these items! haha! Like I said, he is a total guy… and I am a total girl – I have no idea about any of this stuff on his list. Pass this list on, hopefully it will help you too!

*Sunday Lawn Care – an annual subscription service that provides clean & organic lawn products to help and maintain healthy grass (what male doesn’t want to have the best lawn on the block?!)
*Baseball Cap – this cap is a snapback hat that is buoyant and sweat & water repellant
*Golf Club – golf is on a lower priority list in the world of Rob’s hobbies, but he still enjoys it!
*Shorts – this is Rob’s favorite brand for workout clothes, they can easily be worn outside the gym too- these shorts have a hidden cell phone zipper pocket too
*Hammock – talk about versatile, this hammock is a 3 in 1 – its a regular hammock, a hammock with a mosquito net, and a ground tent… what more could you ask for?! haha, but really, I could take some naps in this
*Shoes – these shoes are great for outdoor runs, hiking, anything really – they are light, comfortable and waterproof
*Tools – flexible ratchet wrench set to reach tight areas, especially when working on your car!

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