Recent Amazon Purchases – April 20, 2021

One of the many things I (everyone) loves about Amazon is that you can get pretty much anything there! We’ve put together a list of our top 9 most recent Amazon purchases and let me tell you, this one is all over the board. We go from the kitchen, to outdoors with kids, to bedding, and clothes – everything!

*Blue Helmet – this is the helmet that we got for Grayson & Preston and we couldn’t be happier with them!
*Bed Sheets – with 160, 350 five star reviews, I had to try them and let me tell you.. they are not disappointing me
*Black Helmet – Hunter is the next size up in the Giro bike helmets, so this is the one we got him
*Dress – I got this dress (in lavender – sold out) and I know that I am going to be living in it this coming spring
*Mask Lanyard – such a lifesaver with the constant off and on of masks with going in and out of places
*Navy Tank – I have already worn this tank too much since getting it! It is soft, flattering, and gives the perfect casual day look
*Strainer – genius. snap it on, strain your food, done. why didn’t I think of this?!
*Hyperchiller – at home iced coffee, not watered down, made in 60 seconds … yes please!
*Bubble Machine – not our cutest purchase ever but definitely one of the most necessary!

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