Workout Wednesday

It has been some time since we posted a workout Wednesday, so we figured we would do another! This week we have a workout for you and we have put together some activewear and accessories that we are loving. Let us know if you do this workout – enjoy!

Workout – do all these exercises 3 times
*12 squats with weight
*12 should press chealns
*12 deadlifts
*12 lunges
*10 jump lunges
*15 stability ball pikes
*15 ball crunches with weight
*15 rocks back and forth on a ball with weight

See video to the right of a preview of each exercise!


shorts * gray set * long sleeve cropped * black set * black set * cropped tee * sweatshirt * sports bra * cropped tank * leggings


shoes * airpods * vibrating foam roller * gimme beauty hair ties * yoga mat * backpack (pictured above) * plant based protein powder * running fanny pack * water bottle

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