Nursing Friendly Tops

Today I’m breaking down some of my favorite nursing friendly tops! These are all great tops whether you are lounging at home, working from home, heading to the office, etc. I love that these tops can also be worn everyday-regardless if nursing or not!

Nursing or not-this is actually one of my favorite tops!
Cute wrap top!
These are perfect for everyday wear!
One of my most reached for tops-such a great relaxed fit
Love this button up for work wear!
Classic white button up

What I love about these tops is that they are all super functional…you can wear now and later (aka you don’t need to be nursing!). I find myself grabbing my button down thermal from Urban Outfitters most, I love everything about that style, plus, its one shirt that actually fits me right now 🙂

Hope this post is helpful! Comment below if with any other baby/mama related posts you would like to see!

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