Teacher Appreciation Gifts

Happy Monday! We are here today to wish all of our fellow teachers a Happy Teacher Appreciation Week! Today (and always) we applaud all teachers and school staff, thank you for all you do!

Being both educators (and moms of kiddos in school) we thought it would be helpful to round up some of our favorite Teacher Appreciation gifts. Teacher Appreciate Week lasts all week (today through Friday, May 7). While no gifts are necessary whatsoever, if you feel the need to spoil your teacher this year, here are some ideas!

Ansley at Ellington Paper Company, has created some adorable (obviously, her work is always adorable) gift tags to pair with a simple gift. These gift tags are an instant download so you could purchase and print yourself at any point this week.
Gift Tag Pairings
1. Let Me Spell It Out – the boys used this gift tag today to give their teachers cupcakes that spelled out ‘thank you’, you could do the same or if you know you have a donut loving teacher – get thank you spelled out with donut letters!
2. Take Note – this sweet git tag could easily be paired with a cute notepad, or fun. colored post-it notes. These are items that teachers use ALL the time …. we are always making lists and writing reminders
3. You Are One Sharp Teacher – a teacher will always appreciate a good (and cute) pair of scissors and that would be a perfect pairing for this gift tag
4. You Were The Highlight Of My Year – if you know teachers, then you know their love for colored flare pens. this tag would be perfect to gift your child’s teacher a fun set of any type of pen/marker

Other Simple Easy Gift Ideas
*Hand Health – gather some of your favorite hand items to give her some healthy/fresh hands: hand sanitizer, soap, lotion, nail polish, etc
*Gift Card – never doubt the value of a gift card! When I receive a $5 gift card to Starbucks, Dunkin, a local ice cream shop, etc – I not only feel loved/appreciated but I also get SO excited to use it and to get my “free” treat!
*Color Theme Gift – know your teacher’s favorite color? Come up with a color themed gift! For example, if your teacher’s favorite color is pink you could put together a mini basket of pink nail polish, pink lipstick, bubble gum, a pink pen, etc
*Treats – gifting your teacher a sweet treat or snack items if you know what they like, is a simple way to show that you care and were thinking about them personally
*Beverages – bring in your teacher’s favorite drink to show your appreciation! Have a close relationship with them? Gift them a bottle of wine (Lord knows they could use it after this year of remote, hybrid, in person, back to remote, etc)

Thank you to all the teachers and school support staff out there!

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