Girls’ Night Out Looks

Anyone else in need of a girls’ night out?! It feels like it’s been forever (and a lifetime ago) that we had a proper night out with our girlfriends. Ideally, we would love our girls nights to be monthly, but with kids schedules, work, family gatherings, etc. girls nights are far and few between. When they do happen though, it’s always nice getting dressed up and putting on a fun outfit for the occasion. We have put together a couple of our favorite girls night out looks below-take a look at let us know your favorite!

top * jeans * tote * wedges
top * jeans * earrings * heels
romper * clutch * bangle * heels
jean jacket * dress * purse * sandal

What do you like to do for girls night?! Whether your girls nights are at a restaurant, on a patio, or at someones house we love these “girls night out” looks that we put together! Cheers, girls!

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