Closet Renovation

We’re here showing you another space in my house! Our home is an older home but although it’s old, it isn’t extremely outdated. Our kitchen, although old, is pretty simple and basic (we didn’t need to fix it right away). The bathrooms, liveable. The living spaces, nothing a little paint couldn’t fix. We are so fortunate that although our house was built in the 70’s, it doesn’t scream 70’s style house!

closet tour

This goes for all spaces in our house, except for the master ensuite. The ensuite needed to be gutted immediately, so we did just that. And let me tell you, I could not be more pleased with how it ended up. Pre-renovation, the my now closet space was the closet and the bathroom (we will show you the bathroom another time) but we opened it up to make it just closet.

Above: the closet/bathroom area pre-renovation
Left: when you first walked into the space and looked to the left, there was this. This was where the shower and toilet was previously

The basic setup before was a long “hallway”. When you first walked in to the left was a room for the toilet and shower, to the right was a door to one closet area. Moving down the hallway, next on the left came the sink and on the right was a little vanity situation. Then the end of the closet on both sides was an additional space for closet storage. It was carpeted, wallpapered, and dark.

left side of the hallway, past the shower/toilet
right side of the hallway, across from the sink

When renovating the closet, we called Closet Works to help us. I knew the basic design I wanted but they were able to confirm, based on the amount of clothes/shoes I had, if it was going to be a well functioning space. They measured, counted long hanging items, provided a diagram of the setup – everything! They made this process so easy and it was done in such a timely fashion. They are a local company that was established in 1987 and all of their products and designed are manufactured in Elmhurst, Illinois.

the is the left side of the closet that used to be the shower

this is the right side of the closet that used to be the vanity area

Now, as I said earlier, we took that choppy space, and opened the entire area up to make it just closet. This space is now, bright, airy, organized, and pretty (IMO). It is such a wonderful place to get ready before heading out to work or out for the evening! I just love this space so much.

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