Michelle’s Birthday Wishlist

I’m so grateful for another trip around the sun! Especially in reflecting back on this last year, I am so thankful for my health and family and friends health. With my birthday being today, I made a wishlist of things I’d love…nothing on here is a need but just fun ideas to give to my husband (and watch his facial expressions and ask why on earth do I need xyz haha).

  1. Sunglasses – new Quay sunnies for the summer 
  2. Marble Picture Frame– love that these are bold, timeless, and elegant
  3. Sandal – love that you can wear these with literally anything 
  4. Running Shoe – love these in the vast grey color 
  5. Jeans– I’ve had my eye on these for awhile now
  6. Earrings – perfect for everyday or getting dressed up
  7. YSL Bag– Can never go wrong with this!
  8. Bathing Suit– love this suit for summer
  9. Romper– cute and causal, just how I like it!

What’s on your birthday wish?! Comment below!

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