Father’s Day: Gift Ideas & Activity Pairings

With Father’s Day just about 2.5 weeks away we wanted to give you ideas for not only a gift for your husband but also an activity pairing to go with that gift! Dad’s are the best and we want to celebrate and honor them the best way we know how. We don’t know about your husbands, but our husbands enjoy getting out together as a family and enjoying time together doing something fun! So we thought this would be the best gift guide we could put together for them.

Idea Number 1
Gift Solo Stove Fire Pit
Activity Pairing – plan an overnight camping trip as a family. Bring the fire pit along, roast marshmallows, and enjoy the great outdoors

Idea Number 2
GiftBeer Mugs
Activity Pairing – plan for a beer tasting party. This could be a fun activity to do with extended family, friends, or neighbors.

Idea Number 3
GiftGolf Club
Activity Pairing – go golfing as a family, or head to the driving range/top golf, and spend some time hitting balls and having fun!

Idea Number 4
GiftCinemood Projector
Activity Pairing – Have an outdoor movie night with this projector, complete the night with your husbands favorite snacks to have during the movie.

Idea Number 5
GiftStitch Fix subscription
Activity Pairing – have him show off his new clothes by taking him to his favorite steakhouse for dinner!

Idea Number 6
Giftnew bike
Activity Pairing – go on a family bike ride!

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