Pool Slides

With the pools around us being open (yay!) this year, so far this summer – we have been spending as much time as possible there! Since we were not at the pool at all last summer, we have not upped our pool/beach style in quite some time. So this year, I decided to get some new pool slides. I have to admit, the ones I, I had planned on them being just a ‘filler’ shoe until I purchased the Gucci slides. That being said, the more I wear them, the more I like them and who knows if I will end up buying the Gucci ones at all anymore.

*Jelly Slide – these are the ones that I have and am wearing in this picture! And at $15… who can beat that?!
*Givenchy – now I have my eye on these, I love the color of them!
*Gucci – i love both the white and the pink in this slide.
*Jelly – these are similar to mine, except they have more support on the bottom of your foot.
*Steve Madden – these come in multiple colors and remind me of the Gucci ones, at a much more reasonable price
*Stuart Weitzman – i love the simplicity and daintiness of these slides.
*Birkenstocks – Michelle has and loves these slides, she cannot recommend them enough!

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