Blue & White Dress

When I posted a picture of me in this dress on our instagram account the other week, you all LOVED it! I received a number of questions and requests for the link so I figured I would give it a permanent spot here for you to refer back to if you wanted.

I got this dress from Shein. If you don’t know about the website Shein, don’t look until you have time to scroll, and scroll, and scroll. Because you will end up on the site for a while, your cart will be FULL, and you will be amazed at the prices.

I have worn this dress a handful of times and each time people have loved it, and so do I! The colors, the tie straps, the smocked chest – I could go on an on. It totally gives off the feel of being way pricier than it actually is. It looks very similar to this Zimmermann dress, this Rhode Ollie dress, and this MacGraw Florence dress… but without the pricetag. When ordering from Shein, you do have to make sure to look at the size chart for all items (my size varies their depending on the item) but this dress definitely fits true to size. I am in a small, my normal size.

Where is your favorite place to shop at great prices?!

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