Summer Essentials

As I’ve gotten older, my summer essentials have changed dramatically! I used to live in bikinis and dresses all summer but now that I am chasing three boys around, I’ve had to change my summer style. Although I still wear dresses every chance I can, I also wear my denim shorts and tennis skirts way more than I ever thought I would.

Me – top * shorts
Preston – button down * shorts

Today, I’ve found a number of “summer essentials” (at least in my book) for you. These are all items that, if you have kids, you can run around and play with them – while still feeling put together and appropriate. At the same time, if you don’t have kids, these items would all work for you too -they are cute and functional!

tank * denim skirt * eyelet top * tennis tank * hat * sneakers * jelly sandals * tennis skirt * t-shirt dress * denim shorts * sunglasses * denim jacket

What is on your summer essentials list?

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