Coordinating Family Outfits for Summer

We’ve talked about getting family photos taken before and how I do it pretty regularly with my family, I love (it also makes me sad) seeing how the boys change and grow from year to year. Well if you are due for family photos then you are going to need some outfit inspo for summer time family photos! We’re here to help, and show you a handful of outfits we’ve done in the past.

Michelle and I approach family photos similarly but execute them differently! When choosing the perfect colorscape for photos we both typically start with the kids. We find what they will be wearing first and then coordinate our outfits and our husbands around that. There has been the occasional time when I know exactly what I want to wear and I find the boys outfits to go with it, but that is harder to me.

Michelle is not into matching as much as I am. Although having a boy and a girl lends itself to naturally not match but to coordinate. Even if Michelle had two children of the same gender, you wouldn’t see her matching her children. I, on the other hand, love matching my boys – and not just for family photos as you’ve seen over the past year.

One thing I love now is that many retailers are starting to create a ‘family’ section on their sites – it makes this whole process so much easier. When finding coordinating or matching pieces for the kids, we typically shop at Smocked Auctions, Cecil & Lou, Lily Pulitzer, and Vineyard Vines. All of these retailers have great options if you want to find both coordinating pieces or matching sets.

If I were doing family pictures right now I would wear this dress, the boys would wear these shorts with this white polo, if I had a baby boy I would put him in this bubble, if I had a younger girl she would wear this bubble or an older girl I would put in this dress, and I would have Rob wear these navy shorts and a white polo.

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